Let us help you every stage of the way.

CNC Machining

We have the capabilities to CNC machine your parts in both small quantities and large. Let us know what you’re after and our engineers and designers will help you along the way.

3D Printing

With a wide variety of processes & materials to choose from the options are nearly endless. Our team can help direct you to the right choice for your project. We will keep the function of your part in mind as well as your budget.


CAD is an integral part of prototyping and manufacturing. CAD allows us to virtually build the prototype and work out many of the design issues before we make anything physical.


We can get you where you want to go.
CNC Machining & 3D Printing
  • Design

    If you don’t have a completed 3D model we’ll get you in touch with an engineer or designer that can make one for you.

  • Quoting

    Send us your completed 3D CAD model and we’ll get you a quote to get your parts built, whatever your needs may be.

  • Capabilities

    CNC Machining - various metals and plastics. 3D Printing - FDM, SLA, SLS, Objet

  • Prototyping & Manufacturing

    3D printing and small scale CNC machining will give you working prototypes near identical to the finished product.

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